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Collection is an abstract class, which represents common behavior for all collection classes. It also provides methods to convert one class of collection to another.

Class-Control Entry

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Collection is class "collectn"



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Instance Methods

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add Using anelement
addAll Using acollection
addDependent Using aDependent
As0ASeparatedString Returning lnkString
asArray Returning anewcollection
asBag Returning anewcollection
asDefaultSortedCollection Returning anewcollection
asIdentitySet Returning anewcollection
asOrderedCollection Returning anewcollection
AsSeparatedString Using lnkString
Returning lnkResult
asSortedCollection Returning anewcollection
asSortedCollectionWithSort Using lnkReceiver lnkMessage
Returning anewcollection
asValueSet Returning anewcollection
capacity Returning lnksize
changed Using aFourByteParameter
collect Using lnkmessage
Returning anewcollection
containsCharacters Returning lnkbool
copy Returning result
copyEmpty Returning anewcollection
copyEmptyWithSize Using lnksize
Returning anewcollection
deepCopy Returning anewcollection
deepfinalizeWithDepth Using lnkDepth
Returning defaultreturn
deleted Using aFourByteParameter
detect Using lnkmessage
Returning lnkElement
do Using amessage
doWithOutCopy Using lnkmessage
finalize Returning lnkObject
getDependents Returning lnkDependents
hash Returning lnksize
includes Using anelement
Returning lnkbool
indexOf Using lnkElement
Returning lnkIndex
isCompatible Using acollection
Returning lnkbool
isEmpty Returning lnkbool
isIndexed Returning lnkbool
occurrencesOf Using anelement
Returning anindex
reject Using lnkmessage
Returning lnknewcollection
remove Using anelement
removeAll Using acollection
removeDependent Using lnkDependent
select Using lnkmessage
Returning anewcollection