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A DBCSCharacterArray stores strings as objects. It differs from Characterarray as it is legal to store double-byte characters. It is illegal to create instances of DBCSCharacterArray in a single-byte environment.

In a double-byte character environment you can create DBCSCharacterArrays using the same class methods as CharacterArray (for example, "withLengthValue").

If you insert a double-byte character into an instance of CharacterArray, the CharacterArray becomes an instance of a DBCSCharacterArray.

See class CharacterArray.

Class-Control Entry

Include this entry in the Class-Control paragraph of any program using this class.

DBCScharacterarray is class "dbcsarry"



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Instance Methods

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add Using lnkvoidParam
addDependent Using aDependent
asArray Returning lnkArrayObject
asArrayOfSubStrings Returning lnkArrayObject
asBag Returning lnkObject
asCOMP5 Returning lnkComp5
asCOMP5Object Returning lnkComp5
asDefaultSortedCollection Returning lnkObject
asHEX Returning lnkComp5
asIdentitySet Returning lnkObject
asInternalFilename Returning lnkFilename
asLowercase Returning lnkNewString
asOrderedCollection Returning lnkObject
asParameter Returning lnkString
asPicX Returning lnkNewString
asSeparateLines Returning lnkCollection
asSortedCollection Returning lnkObject
asSortedCollectionWithSort Using lnkReceiver lnkMessage
Returning lnkReceiver
asUppercase Returning lnkNewString
asValueSet Returning lnkObject
at Using lnkCharIndexPosition
Returning lnkChar
atAllPut Using lnkCharacter
atAndByteLength Using lnkCharIndexPosition lnkChar lnkByteLength
atPut Using lnkCharIndexPosition lnkNewChar
capacity Returning lnkCharSize
changed Using aFourByteParameter
collect Using lnkCallBack
Returning lnkCharacterArray
compareTo Using lnkArray
Returning lnkResult
concat Using lnkObject
Returning lnkNewString
concatZ Using lnkString
Returning lnkNewString
containsCharacters Using lnkCollection
Returning lnkBool
containsDBCSCharacters Returning lnkBool
copy Returning result
copyEmpty Returning lnkCharacterArray
copyEmptyWithSize Using lnkCharSize
Returning lnkNewCharArray
copyFromTo Using lnkStartCharIndexPosition lnkEndCharIndexPosition
Returning lnkNewCharacterArray
copyReplace Using lnkStartCharIndexPosition lnkEndCharIndexPosition lnkCharArray
Returning lnkNewCharArray
copyReplaceAll Using lnkSearchCharArray lnkReplaceCharArray
Returning lnkNewCharArray
copyWith Using lnkCharacter
Returning lnkNewCharArray
copyWithOut Using lnkRemoveCharacter
Returning lnkNewCharArray
deepCopy Returning lnkNewCharacterArray
deepfinalize Returning lnkNullObject
deleted Using aFourByteParameter
description Returning lnkCharacterArray
detect Using lnkCallBack
Returning lnkCharacter
do Using lnkCallBack
doWithOutCopy Using lnkCallBack
equal Using lnkAnotherString
Returning lnkBool
equalbyLengthValue Using lnkCompareCharLength lnkCompareValue
Returning lnkBool
equalsIgnoreCase Using lnkObject
Returning lnkBool
equalsIgnoreCasebyLengthValue Using lnkCompareCharLength lnkCompareValue
Returning lnkBool
findFirst Using lnkCallBack
Returning lnkCharIndexPosition
findLast Using lnkCallBack
Returning lnkCharIndexPosition
first Returning lnkCharacter
firstIndexOf Using lnkCharacter lnkStartCharIndexPosition lnkEndCharIndexPosition
Returning lnkCharIndexPosition
firstIndexOfIdentity Using lnkCharacter lnkStartCharIndexPosition lnkEndCharIndexPosition
Returning lnkCharIndexPosition
getAddress Returning lnkPtr
getDependents Returning lnkDependents
getStorageRequirements Returning lnkRequirements
getValue Returning lnkString
getValueWithSize Using lnksize
Returning lnkstring
getValueWithSizeAtPosition Using lnkoffset lnksize
Returning lnkstring
getValueZ Returning lnkstring
greaterThan Using lnkCharacterArray
Returning lnkBool
greaterThanbyLengthValue Using lnkCompareCharLength lnkCompareValue
Returning lnkBool
greaterThanOrEqual Using lnkArray
Returning lnkBool
growTo Using lnkNewCharSize
Returning lnkDefaultReturn
hash Returning lnkHashValue
includes Using lnkCharacter
Returning lnkBool
indexOf Using lnkElement
Returning lnkIndex
indexOfSubCollection Using lnkSearchCharacterArray lnkStartCharIndexPosition
Returning lnkCharIndexPosition
insertAllAfter Using lnkInsertCharIndexPosition lnkOtherCharArray
Returning lnkNewCharArray
isCompatible Using lnkCollection
Returning lnkBool
isDBCSCharacterArray Returning lnkBool
isEmpty Returning lnkBool
isIndexed Returning lnkbool
keysAndDatado Using lnkCallBack
last Returning lnkCharacter
lastIndexOf Using lnkCharacter lnkStartCharIndexPosition lnkEndCharIndexPosition
Returning lnkCharIndexPosition
LessThan Using lnkCharacterArray
Returning lnkBool
lessThanbyLengthValue Using lnkCompareCharLength lnkCompareValue
Returning lnkBool
LessThanOrEqual Using lnkArray
Returning lnkBool
moveValue Using lnkStringObject
occurrencesOf Using lnkCharacter
Returning lnkCharacterOccurrences
reject Using lnkCallBack
Returning lnkNewCharArray
remove Using anObject
removeDependent Using lnkDependent
replaceAll Using lnkOldCharacter lnkNewCharacter lnkStartCharIndexPosition lnkEndCharIndexPosition
replaceSubCollection Using lnkStartCharIndexPosition lnkEndCharIndexPosition lnkReplaceCharacterArray lnkReplaceCharIndexPosition
resetValue Using lnkStringObject
reverse Returning lnkNewCharacterArray
reverseDo Using lnkCallBack
select Using lnkCallBack
Returning lnkNewCharArray
setValue Using lnkString
size Returning lnkCharSize
sizeInBytes Returning lnkByteSize
trimBlanks Returning lnkobject
withDo Using lnkOtherCharacterArray lnkCallBack