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A Dictionary stores key/data pairs or associations. Send the message "ofAssociations" to create a dictionary which stores instances of Association. Send the message "ofValues" to create a dictionary which stores key/data pairs.

Class-Control Entry

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dictionary is class "dictinry"



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Instance Methods

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add Using anelement
associationAt Using akey
Returning anelement
associations Returning anewcollection
associationsDo Using amessage
associationsDoWithOutCopy Using amessage
at Using akey
Returning lnkdata
atOrNil Using akey
Returning lnkdata
atPut Using akey lnkdata
basicCopy Returning result
capacity Returning acollectionsize
concat Using acollection
Returning anewcollection
copy Returning result
copyEmptyWithSize Using lnksize
Returning anewcollection
data Returning anewcollection
deepCopy Returning anewcollection
deepfinalizeWithDepth Using lnkDepth
Returning defaultreturn
do Using amessage
doWithOutCopy Using amessage
finalize Returning defaultreturn
includes Using lnkdata
Returning lnkbool
includesAssociation Using anelement
Returning lnkbool
includesKey Using akey
Returning lnkbool
keyAtData Using lnkdata
Returning akey
keyAtDataByIdentity Using lnkdata
Returning akey
keys Returning anewcollection
keysAndDatado Using amessage
keysdo Using amessage
minus Using acollection
Returning anewcollection
occurrencesOf Using lnkdata
Returning anumber
reject Using amessage
Returning anewdictionary
remove Using anelement
removeAllAssociations Using acollection
removeAssociation Using anelement
removeKey Using akey
reverseDo Using amessage
select Using amessage
Returning anewdictionary
size Returning acollectionsize