MERANT Micro Focus Server Express™

Internet Applications


Issue 1
January 1999

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This book describes how you can create and debug Internet Applications using Server Express.


This book is aimed at COBOL programmers who want to write applications to run on the Internet or their organization's intranet. You don't need to be an expert on the Intranet or intranet to use this book, although you will find it is easier to understand the concepts in here if you have spent some time using Web browsers to navigate either the World-Wide Web or your organization's own intranet.

How to Use this Book

To understand the basic concepts used throughout the rest of the book, read chapter 1.

To learn how to create applications read chapters 2, 3 and 4. Chapter 2 describes forms, Chapter 3 describes server-side programming, and chapter 4 describes how to compile and link an Internet application.

To turn a standard CGI program into a NSAPI application by recompiling it, read chapter 5. Skip this chapter if you aren't interested in NSAPI.

When you finally want to deploy your application on a Web server, read chapter 6.


The following type styles and conventions have been used in this book: