Rules for Exporting and Importing Tests

The following rules apply when importing or updating tests from Excel, or when exporting tests to Excel.

General Rules

  • If a test row in Excel does not have a TestID or a Path, then it is considered to be a new test. The new test is created in a new folder in Silk Central, located under the test container from which the import functionality was executed.
  • In Excel, you can the specify the TestID of an existing test in Silk Central to update the corresponding test in Silk Central when importing the Excel file.
  • You cannot import or update automated tests from Excel.
  • Attribute values that are inherited by a test are not exported to Excel when exporting the test.
  • If you move a test to a different folder in Excel, the move is ignored when updating the tests in Silk Central from Excel.
  • If you remove a test in Excel, the test will not be deleted when updating the tests in Silk Central from Excel.
  • Use the Path column in Excel to specify the folder names for the new tests in Silk Central. When importing the Excel file into Silk Central, the new tests will be created in the specified folders.
  • You cannot use A-Z as a customized column name. These are reserved for Excel's A-Z, which can be used in mapping.

Shared Steps

  • To add a new shared step in Silk Central when importing or updating from Excel, specify the SharedStepID in Excel.
  • You can delete and reorder shared steps in Silk Central by reordering or deleting the corresponding rows in Excel.
  • You cannot modify existing shared steps by importing or updating them from Excel.
  • If a SharedStepID that is specified in Excel does not exist in Silk Central, an error is reported.

Data-Driven Tests

  • You can export data-driven tests to Excel and you can import data-driven tests from Excel.
  • You cannot export non-atomic data-driven child tests from Silk Central to Excel.
  • The data-driven properties of data-driven tests cannot be exported to or imported from Excel.
  • You cannot update folders in Silk Central, which contain data-driven tests, from Excel.