Creating a Testing Cycle (Walkthrough)

The first step is to create a testing cycle. A testing cycle is a defined period in time consisting of a start date, an end date, and a list of manual testers. We will name our testing cycle Week 21 - Team A.
  1. In the menu, click Execution Planning > Manual Execution Planning.
  2. In the Testing Cycles area on the right side, click New Testing Cycle. The New Testing Cycle box appears.
  3. Enter a name for the testing cycle, in our case Week 21 - Team A.
  4. Optionally enter a description.
  5. Click next to Start date to set the start date of the testing cycle.
  6. Click next to End date to set the end date of the testing cycle.
  7. In hh:mm format, enter the amount of time that you want to provide for this testing cycle (Capacity), in our case, we entered 35:00.
  8. Click OK.
Our testing cycle now appears in the Testing Cycles area. It shows that currently no testers are assigned. The next step is to assign testers.