Intelligent Assistant

To process test results, the Intelligent Assistant uses a default set of four state/reason code pairs that correspond to the four general states defined by the default workflow for bugs.

To view these default states and reason codes:

  1. Click Configuration > Intelligent Assistant.
  2. Customize mapping between general bug states and specific Issue Manager codes.

    If the default workflow for issues has been customized, the states and reason codes used for results processing must be customized too. For example, if the administrator changes the default workflow so that issues claimed to be fixed are assigned a state of Unreviewed, he must also change the state entry for Bugs Claimed to Be Fixed But Not Tested Yet from QA-Ready to Unreviewed.

    In addition to the issue states and reason codes specified on the Intelligent Assistant page, Intelligent Assistant also uses the terminal states defined for the issue workflow. Terminal states are defined on the Workflows page. The default terminal state is Closed.