Creating Reports

To create an Issue Manager report:
  1. In the menu, click Issues > Reports.
  2. Select a folder in the Reports tree.
  3. Click (New Child Report) in the toolbar. The Create New Report dialog box appears.
  4. Enter a Name and Description.
  5. If you want to Share this report with other users check this check box.
  6. Enter a Timeout [s] to define how long Issue Manager waits for report executions to complete.
  7. Select a Default tab and a Result category from the lists. If you access a report by using the context menu (for example when you right-click on a test), you are directed to the defined Default tab.
  8. Select a Selection criteria, a Property, an Operator, and a Value from the lists. Allowed wildcards for strings are * (any amount of characters) and ? (exactly one character).
  9. Click More to create an additional query string and select the AND or OR operator to connect the query strings. Click (Remove) to remove query strings.
  10. Click Next to configure the columns of the report. You can Add Columns, Remove All, set the order by clicking (Move Up) or (Move Down), remove a single column by clicking (Remove), set sorting and grouping options, and enter an Alias.
  11. Click Finish.

You can also create reports by manually writing SQL code. Click Advanced on the Create New Report dialog box and enter or paste your SQL code. For more information, see Writing Advanced Queries with SQL. For a list of all available function placeholders, see SQL Functions for Custom Reports.