Scheduling Your Tests for Continuous Execution

You can schedule your projects to execute all the tests in the project at the same time each day.
Note: If you are using Silk Central Connect within a full Silk Central environment, you can use the more advanced scheduling features in Execution Planning > Details View > Schedule
  1. On the Silk Central Connect panel, click on the name of the project, which you want to schedule for daily execution.
  2. On the overview page of the project, click Schedule Tests.
  3. On the Schedule Tests dialog box, specify the time when the test execution should start each day.

  4. From the list of available configurations, select the configurations on which the tests should be executed. If you have already executed the tests in the project, the configurations that were used for the last run are pre-selected. If you have not executed the tests, all configurations are pre-selected.
  5. Click Save.
All tests in the project will be executed on the selected configurations and at the specified time each day. The scheduled time is displayed in the overview page of the project. You can remove the schedule by clicking the remove button next to the schedule.