Initializing Projects as Issue Manager Projects

When you create a new project in Silk Central, you can integrate the project with an Issue Manager project:
  1. In the menu, click Projects > Project List . The Projects page displays, listing all existing projects and project baselines.
  2. Click New Project. The Project Settings page displays.
  3. Configure the settings. For more information, see Adding Projects.
  4. In the Issue Manager Integration row, you can select:
    • Initialize new project: Initializes a new Issue Manager project and integrates it with the newly created Silk Central project.
    • Reuse existing project: An existing Issue Manager project is integrated with the newly created Silk Central project. Select a project from the list. You will have to configure the credentials and the status mapping.
  5. Click Save on the bottom of the page. The new project is created and appears in the Projects List. The Configure Issue Manager Project dialog box appears.
  6. Configure your group settings and click Next.
  7. Click Add Inbox to manually add inboxes to the project. Click Generate Inboxes to automatically generate inboxes for all users that are assigned to the project. You can check the checkbox to automatically generate inboxes for users and usergroups that are assigned in the future. Click Next.
  8. Define your product settings and click Close.
  9. Provide default credentials and click OK. The user name you enter needs to be part of the user group you assigned to the project.
  10. Configure how the external and internal properties shall be mapped and click OK.
Note: You can cancel the initializing process at any time. However, to complete the initialization later, you have to configure these settings on the Issue Tracking Profile page, the Issue Manager Project List page, and the Issue Manager Configuration page.