Advantages of Keyword-Driven Testing

The advantages of using the keyword-driven testing methodology are the following:
  • Keyword-driven testing separates test automation from test case design, which allows for better division of labor and collaboration between test engineers implementing keywords and subject matter experts designing test cases.
  • Tests can be developed early, without requiring access to the application under test, and the keywords can be implemented later.
  • Tests can be developed without programming knowledge.
  • Keyword-driven tests require less maintenance in the long run. You need to maintain the keywords, and all keyword-driven tests using these keywords are automatically updated.
  • Test cases are concise.
  • Test cases are easier to read and to understand for a non-technical audience.
  • Test cases are easy to modify.
  • New test cases can reuse existing keywords, which amongst else makes it easier to achieve a greater test coverage.
  • The internal complexity of the keyword implementation is not visible to a user that needs to create or execute a keyword-driven test.