The dashboard in Silk Central is your personal starting area. You can customize it by adding and arranging various panels, which give you the information you need for your daily work.

When you log in to Silk Central for the first time, the dashboard shows just the Introduction panel. On the top, your last login date and time is displayed. You can quickly Resume where you left off by clicking this link.

Click the buttons on the top, to perform the following actions:
  • Click Add Panel to add further panels to the dashboard.
  • Click Change Layout to change the layout of the dashboard.
  • Click Reset Dashboard to set the dashboard to the default view. All the panels you added and your customized settings are removed.

To arrange your panels, click on the header of a panel and drag it to the desired position. Resize your panels by dragging a panel's footer (only panels with lists are resizeable).

Click the buttons in the header of a panel to perform the following actions:
  • Click to remove the panel from the dashboard.
  • Click to configure the settings of the panel.
  • Click to save the content of the panel as a PDF.
  • Click to print the content of the panel.

You need certain permissions to view or edit the content of the different panels.