Using the REST API for External Executions

You can update execution plan runs that are executed from an external execution environment through the REST API, accessible from host:port[/inst]/Services1.0/swagger-ui.html, where host is your Silk Central host. For example http://localhost:19120/Services1.0/swagger-ui.html.

For authentication within the REST API calls, generate a web-service token in the User Settings page of the Silk Central UI. To access this page, hover the mouse cursor over the user name in the Silk Central menu and select User Settings.

You can also create a session ID for authentication within the API calls.

  1. Click Authorize in the top right of the browser window. The Available authorizations dialog appears.
  2. Enter your Silk Central credentials into the fields in the Basic Authorization area.
  3. Click Authorize.
  4. Close the Available authorizations dialog.
  5. To login and create the session ID, expand the login-api-controller in the REST API.
  6. Expand the /login API call.
  7. Click Try it out.
  8. Click Execute.
  9. Copy the session ID from the Response body field to use it for further API calls.
  10. Copy the session ID to use it for further API calls.

For information on how you can limit the usage of the REST API services for a web-service token or for a session ID, see JMX Measures for Limiting Usage of REST Services.

Note: Micro Focus recommends authentication through a web-service token.