The RV_TestingCycleStatus view provides status information for testing cycles.

You can use this view to create a report that shows the current status of a testing cycle.

TestingCycleID denotes the testing cycle and TesterExecutionID (as well as TesterExecutionName, UserID, CapacityInCycle, TesterLogin, TesterFirstName, TesterLastName) is used to identify the assigned tester in the testing cycle. For the tests which are not assigned to a specific tester, the UserID, CapacityInCycle, TesterLogin, TesterFirstName, and TesterLastName are null. The key of this table is the combination of the columns TesterExecutionID and BuildID.

Row Description
TestingCycleID Identifier of the testing cycle.
TesterExecutionID Identifies the group of tests that are assigned to a specific tester.
TesterExecutionName The generated name for the group of tests that are assigned to a specific tester.
UserID The user ID of the tester.
CapacityInCycleInMinutes The capacity for this user in this testing cycle in minutes.
TesterLogin Login name of the tester.
TesterFirstName First name of tester.
TesterLastName Last name of tester.
PassedCount Sum of all passed tests.
FailedCount Sum of all failed tests.
NotExecutedCount Sum of all not-executed tests.
ProjectID Identifier of the project.
BuildID Identifier of the build.
BuildName Name of the build used for this test run.
BuildDescription Description of the build.
BuildOrderNumber Order number of the build.
BuildIsTagged 1 if the build is tagged, 0 otherwise.
VersionID ID of the version that the build belongs to.
VersionName Name of the version.
VersionDescription Description of the version.
VersionOrderNumber Order number of the version.
ProductID ID of the product that the build belongs to.
ProductCode Name of the product.
ProductDescription Description of the product.
ProductOrderNumber Order number of the product.