Modifying the Default Inbox View

Note: You need the Groups, inboxes and user accounts security privilege to add, edit, or delete inboxes.
To modify the initial default inbox view:
  1. In the menu, click Issues > Configuration.
  2. Click Inbox Views. The Inbox Views page opens. This page displays all of the fields that you can choose to display in an inbox view. Most of the fields are recognizable from the Issue Details page. Others, for example NumHistory, NumCases, NumAttaches, NumTestcases, and NumNotify refer to the number of entries on the respective History, Customers, Attachments, Testcases, and Notifications pages of the Issue Details page. The Inbox Views page also displays the schema, or DB Field Name , of each column.
  3. From the View of user list box, select SYSTEM DEFAULT. To update the inbox view of other users, select the respective user instead.
  4. To add a column to the inbox, click the Select Column that corresponds to the column in the List of Available Fields.
  5. To remove a column from the inbox, click the Deselect Column that corresponds to the column in the list of the inbox columns.
  6. To change the label of a column and the sort order, perform the following steps:
    1. Click on the name of the inbox column in the Inbox Column Label column. The Inbox Column Properties dialog box opens.
    2. Type a new label for the column into the Inbox column label field.
    3. Click the appropriate option button to change the sort order.
    4. Click OK.
  7. To move a column to the left in the inbox, click Move Up. To move a column to the right in the inbox, click Move Down.
  8. Click View Inbox to return to the Issue Tracking page.
    Note: If you updated the system default inbox view or the view of another user, the changes are applied when the respective users log out and back in again.