Importing Business Process Tests from an Excel File

Import business process tests from a Microsoft Excel file to add them to the Tests area.
  1. In the menu, click Tests > Details View .
  2. In the Tests tree, right-click the folder or container that you want to use as the parent node of the imported test and choose Import from Excel File. The Import Tests from Excel File dialog box opens.
  3. Click Business Process Tests.
  4. Select the mapping file from the Choose Mapping File list box. The default mapping file is TestPropertiesDefaultMapping.xml. For information about creating customized mapping files, see Editing the Test Mapping File.
  5. Optional: Click to edit the mapping file. Click to delete the mapping file.
    Note: These actions require the permissions Modify Office import mapping files/Delete Office import mapping files, respectively.
  6. Select the Library in which the business components for the business process tests should be created. Business components that already exist in the selected library will be reused.
  7. Either type the fully qualified path of the test file into the Test File field or click Choose File to search for the test file.
  8. Click OK.
The business process tests are imported directly under the selected node without creating a common root folder.