Storing Percentile Marker Data for Silk Performer Results

Silk Performer results contain a high amount of percentile marker data that would consume a lot of space in the database (table TM_PerfReportPercentileMarker). Therefore, storing this information is disabled by default. To enable the storing of percentile marker data whenever Silk Performer results are stored, proceed as follows:
  1. On the Instance Administration page, stop the application server of the instance that you want to modify.
  2. Open the SccAppServerBootConf.xml file with a text editor.
    The default path for this file is C:\Program Files (x86)\Silk\Silk Central 20.0\instance_<instance number>_<instance name>\Conf\AppServer on the application server.
  3. Locate the Config/SilkPerformerResultStorage/StorePercentileMarkerData XML tag. By default, the tag is set to false.
  4. Set the value to true.
  5. Save and close the XML file.
  6. Restart the application server.