Custom Tabs and Fields

Issue Manager permits you to define up to ten user-defined fields per Custom Tab.

Custom Tabs

Custom Tab 1 on the Issue Details page contains three fields by default. You can add fields to this tab, edit the default fields, or delete the fields and start from scratch.

The following table describes the default fields on Custom Tab 1:
Field Specifies Mode Control Type/Value
Automated? Whether the issue is automated in regression tests or manual. Optional Check box. Default is unchecked.
Add Rel Note? Whether an item on this issue needs to be added to the release notes of the product. Optional Check box. Default is unchecked.
Update Doc? Whether the documentation that is related to this issue needs to be updated. Optional Check box. Default is unchecked.

Custom tabs 2 to 4 are empty.

Custom Fields

Custom fields can appear in the following two places:
  • On the custom tabs of the Issue Details page.
  • On the action dialog boxes, which open when a user takes an action on an issue.
To create or edit custom fields:
  1. In the menu, click Issues > Configuration.
  2. Click Custom Issue Tabs. The Custom Issue Tabs page opens.
  3. Click the custom field that you want to edit. Proceed as described in GUI Customization Properties.