Entering Parameters in Notification Subject

You can enter parameters in the subject field of a notification to generate a dynamic subject for email notifications.

The following parameters can be entered in the subject field:

Returns the defect number
Returns the project name
Returns the product
Returns the component
Returns the user who modified the issue
Returns the name of the rule that triggered the notification
Returns the synopsis
Returns the current state of the issue
Returns the severity
Returns the current reason code of the issue
Returns the custom field of the specified number, e.g., {CUSTOM3} returns the value stored in custom field 3.

For example, if you want to create an email notification that informs you whenever the state of an issue changes, you could add the following text into the subject field:

State of issue {ID} was changed by {user}.

If Bill would fix the currently open issue no. 2, you would receive an email notification with the following subject:

State of issue 2 was changed by bpetersson.