Importing Silk Test Results to Issue Manager

To import the result of Silk Test tests:
  1. In the menu, click Issues > Issue Tracking.
  2. Select an Inbox from the list in the toolbar.
  3. Click (Open Silk Test Classic Intelligent Assistant) in the toolbar.
  4. Browse for a .rex file on your computer.
  5. Select a platform from the list to use the platform that the test ran against as a factor in the consolidation logic.
  6. Click the check box to include tests that have no errors and are not already associated with an issue and click Next.
  7. Click the check boxes to select testcases and click one of the following buttons:
    • Click New Issue to create a new issue and assign the testcase to it. For more information see Creating Issues (Issue Manager).
    • Click Existing Issue and enter an issue number to assign the testcase to it.
    Assigned testcases are no longer shown in the list.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Confirm the proposed actions and click Finish.
The testcases are assigned to the issues. To run or edit the testcases, click the buttons in the Actions column on the Testcases tab.