Creating Issues (Issue Manager)

To create a new issue in Issue Manager:
  1. In the menu, click Issues > Issue Tracking.
  2. Click (New Issue) in the toolbar.
  3. Select values for the Issue Type, the Product, the Release, the Platform, the Component, and the Severity.
    Note: The highlighted fields and lists are required.
    As you enter values, Issue Manager dynamically assigns an inbox and an initial state for the issue based on configured rules.
  4. Enter a Synopsis and a Description. To create a link between this issue and another issue, type the issue number or the synopsis of the related issue into the Linked Issue field (autosuggest-enabled). Linked issues are listed in the History tab.
    Note: Silk Central supports HTML formatting and cutting and pasting of HTML content for Description fields.
  5. Optional: Add further details to the issue. Click the tabs and click the following buttons:
    • Add Customer: Track information about customers who have reported the issue.
    • Add File: Add a file with additional information about the issue.
    • Add Testcase: QA and development personnel can directly execute the added Silk Test testcases by clicking (Run Testcase) in the Actions column on the Testcases tab. Silk Test testcases can also be imported with the Silk Test Intelligent Assistant.
    • Add Notification: Configure to be notified by email when certain values of an issue change.
  6. Click OK.
The Issue Details page displays. To get back to the list of issues of your inbox (Issue Tracking page), click (My Inbox).