The default reports that ship with Silk Central are visible in all projects and are listed under Global Reports in the Reports tree. These reports cannot be modified, but you can make copies that you can customize to your needs. Creating your own custom reports within the Global Reports tree makes your reports available for all projects too. You can also copy reports between project trees and the Global Reports tree. The concept of global reports allows you to flexibly administrate reports across all projects within Silk Central.

  • Because global reports are not in context of a project, they need to be advanced reports (SQL).
  • Global reports cannot be sub-reports of project reports, and sub-reports are not available in the global reports section.

Shared Global Report Permissions

Because shared global reports are available in all projects for all users, user roles that are able to update and delete them require special permissions: Manage shared global reports and Delete shared global reports. These permissions also apply to report templates that are used in shared global reports. Non-shared global reports and report templates can be updated and deleted by user roles with the standard report permissions for updating and deleting reports. This implies the following special scenarios:
  • The option Share this report with other users is disabled in global reports and folders if the user does not have the Manage shared global reports permission
  • When pasting a copied shared report into the Global Reports tree without the Manage shared global reports permission, the pasted report is set to non-shared