Proposed Changes

When you associate testcase results and Silk Test testcases with issues, the Silk Test Intelligent Assistant compares the results and the current information about issues to build a list of proposed changes for issues.

The list includes proposed actions for issues plus the new issue states and reason codes that will result if you confirm the actions. Each proposed action is based on the current state and reason code of each issue, and on the results of the associated testcases.

To create proposed change list, the Silk Test Intelligent Assistant uses the following equation:

[current state and reason code] + [test results] = [special action, new state and reason code]

For example: If the current state of an issue is QA-Ready and its reason code is Fixed, if a testcase associated with this issue failed, the Intelligent Assistant will propose the AutoRejectFix action, which will change the issue's state to Dev-Ready and its reason code to Rejected. The following equation summarizes this example:

[QA-Ready and Fixed] + [failed test] = [AutoRejectFix, Dev-Ready and Rejected]