Exclusive Execution

Exclusive execution defines whether assigned tests of other execution plans having this setting disabled can be executed on the same matching execution server at the same time (Disabled), or if only tests of one single execution plan can run at the same time (Enabled). Disabling exclusive execution reduces the required execution time, and is especially useful for mobile testing, where execution plans can execute on multiple devices on a device provider at the same time. No changes to your current execution configuration are required when disabling exclusive execution.

Before you enable parallel execution, be aware of the following:
  • All Silk Central test types except Silk Performer support parallel execution.
  • Your test scripts should not interfere with each other when being executed on the same computer at the same time. This means that they should not write data to a common folder, and the application under test must support the scripted actions in parallel.
  • The Common working folder in the used source control profile must be empty. This enables Silk Central to use a temporary working folder.
  • If an execution plan runs on an execution server, for which the exclusive execution setting is enabled, no other execution plans are executed in parallel, regardless of their setting.
  • No video will be available if another execution plan is already recording during a parallel execution.
  • For additional information on executing Silk Test tests in parallel, refer to the following documentation: