Triggering Executions from TeamCity

To trigger executions in Silk Central from TeamCity:
  1. Add a build step to the build in TeamCity:
    1. Select Gradle as the Runner Type.
    2. Specify silkCentralLaunch in the Gradle task field.
    3. Browse to and select the silkcentral.gradle file in the Gradle build file field.
    4. Specify any additional Gradle command-line parameters in the Additional Gradle command line parameters field.

  2. To process the test results from Silk Central in TeamCity, add the build feature XML report processing to the build in TeamCity.
  3. Configure the XML report processing build feature.
    1. Select the Report type.
    2. Specify the location , to which the script writes the files to, in the Monitoring rules field. For example sc_results/*.xml.