Maintaining Versions of Shared Tests - Accept and Push Changes

Maintaining recurring tests and their requirement assignments in one project and sharing them across multiple other projects saves time compared to maintaining such tests in each project individually. Maintaining tests in this case means keeping your tests up to date by adjusting descriptions, adding new steps, updating scripts, changing requirement assignments, and so on. To distribute such changes to your consuming tests you have to create a new test version for your shared tests. For additional information, see Creating a Version. When creating a new version, all consuming tests in all consuming projects are flagged, which means the tests are marked with a blue arrow pointing up, to indicate that updates are available for these tests. Right-click such marked consuming tests and select Shared Tests > Accept Changes to update the tests to the latest version, or select Shared Tests > Skip Changes to keep the current version and to remove the update flag. Consuming tests will get flagged again with each new version for a shared test.

You may also face the scenario where you update the consuming test, and you then want to push those changes back to the shared test. To do so, click Push Changes to Shared Test in the History tab of your consuming test. Pushing the changes creates the following:
  • A new version for the consuming test.
  • A restore point for the shared test, which means a new version for the current state of the shared test.
  • A new version for the shared test including the pushed changes.
Other consuming tests will then receive an update notification for the changes in the shared test.