Analyzing Automated Test Results

The Test Results view and the Run Comparison view provide an easy to read results overview with full drill-down capabilities. All information is included, like result files, thumbnail screenshots, messages, and stacktraces. This allows you to quickly analyze the root cause of failed test runs, especially because you can also compare the results of multiple runs side-by-side.

For example, you may be interested in performing the following tasks:
  • Analyze the runs of all configurations within a configuration suite or within execution plans which represent configurations
  • Compare runs of the same execution plan, for example to find out if any test statuses have changed
  • Show all failed tests of an execution plan at once

To analyze the results of automated test runs:

  1. In the execution Runs grid or the Activities > Last Executions grid, select one or more executions.
  2. Click the View automated test results icon to analyze the results of a single execution, or right-click your selection and choose Compare Automated Test Results to compare multiple executions.
  3. Click the icon at the top of the page or a specific status icon to access detailed information like result files, thumbnail screenshots, messages, and stacktraces.
    Tip: Use the Show failed tests only check box to narrow down the displayed results.