Assigning Requirements to Tests

Associate your requirements and tests to enable measuring how well your software covers the specified requirements.
To manually assign requirements to tests:
  1. In the menu, click Tests > Details View .
  2. In the Tests tree, select the test to which you want to assign requirements.
  3. Click the Assigned Requirements tab.
    Note: If you have created a requirements filter, you can select it from the filter list above the Requirements tree. To create a new requirements filter, click Requirements > Details View in the menu and click New Filter on the toolbar.
    All requirements that are available for assignment are displayed in the Requirements tree.
  4. Select the requirements that you want to assign. You can use your keyboard's Ctrl and Shift keys to select multiple requirements using standard browser multi-select functions.
  5. Click Assign All Filtered to assign all filtered requirements to the selected test, or drag your selection and drop it into the Assigned Requirements area, or click Assign to the left of any requirement. Assigning all filtered requirements is only enabled if a filter is selected and if you have either Manage requirements or Manage assets permission.
    Note: Newly generated tests can automatically be assigned to the requirements from which they are generated by checking the Assign newly generated tests to requirements check box on the Generate Tests from Requirements dialog box. This is the default behavior.