Editing Project-Wide Notifications

Use the Notifications tab to edit existing project-wide notifications.
  1. Click Issues > Configuration > Notifications. All existing project-wide notifications are listed here.
  2. Click the Edit icon in the Actions column of the notification you want to edit.
  3. On the Add Notification dialog box, select a rule name from the list.
  4. Select a radio button in the From area of the dialog box to indicate whether the return address should be:
    • The user who edits the issue (thereby setting off the notification).
    • Other user (select a user from the list).
  5. Type the email addresses of the recipient(s) in the To field, separating multiple entries with commas. You may select users from the Add Address list .
    Note: Although you can enter any email address in the To field, only users who have email addresses specified in their user accounts will appear in the Add Address list. For this reason it is recommended that email addresses be defined for all user accounts.
  6. You can fill in the optional message text fields:
    • Subject is an optional subject line (up to 80 characters).
    • Introduction is optional introductory text (up to 250 characters)
  7. Choose the content type of the message:
    • Contents can be:
      • Issue Summary: The information on the top half of the Issue Details page.
      • Issue Summary with Description: Issue summary plus the information from the Description tab.
      • Full Issue Detail: All issue information (this is the default).
    • Trailer is an optional signature field (up to 250 characters long).
  8. Click OK to save the notification and to close the dialog.