Enabling Requirements Integration with SAP Solution Manager

  1. In the menu, click Projects > Project List.
  2. Select the project to which you want to establish integration.
  3. In the menu, click Project:<Project Name> > Project Settings .
  4. Click the Requirements Management tab.
  5. Click New Integration.
    Note: You can enable creating, editing and deleting requirements through Silk Central, rather than only allowing modifications through the integrated tool. You can allow modifications directly in Silk Central's UI, and/or through Silk Central's web services by checking the respective Allow requirement create, edit, and delete... check boxes.
    The New Integration dialog box opens.
  6. Select SAP Solution Manager from the list and click Next. The Edit Configuration dialog box opens.
  7. Type a Name for the new profile. This is the name that is displayed in lists where the profiles are available for selection.
  8. Enter the URL of the Z_SCTM_ADAPTER web service of SAP Solution Manager.
  9. Enter the Username and Password.
  10. Click Test Connection to confirm that the host and user credentials are correct. If the settings are correct, a Test connection was successful message displays.
  11. Click Load to load all available solution and branch combinations and select the correct one. Silk Central stores such combinations of solutions and branches as projects.
  12. Optional: Check the Enable creation of unassigned requirements check box to enable creation and editing of unmapped requirements in Silk Central projects that are configured for integration.
  13. Click OK to confirm and close the dialog.