Selecting Mobile Devices for Automated Testing

Before you can select a mobile device (physical device, emulator or simulator) on which to run your execution plan, a device provider needs to be configured. Note that the device provider and your current project must be assigned to the same location, otherwise the devices will not show up in the list. For additional information, see Managing Device Providers.
To select a mobile device:
  1. In the menu, click Execution Planning > Details View.
  2. In the Execution Plans tree, select the execution plan for which you want to select a mobile device.
  3. Click the Deployment tab.
  4. Click Edit in the Mobile Device Selection section. The Select Device dialog box appears.
  5. Select a mobile device, device filter, or a native app:
    • To select a specific device, use the list on the right-hand side.
    • To select a device filter, select Any device in the list on the right-hand side. Edit this filter using the Search field, the Platform and the Application lists on the left-hand side.
      Tip: Use the search field to search for specific device types, for example by searching for Emulator or Simulator.
    • To install a native app on the mobile device for testing, select Native App in the Application list on the left-hand side and specify a URL or a UNC path to the app in the field below (iOS requires a URL). Example: \\fileserver\apps\testapp.apk
  6. Optional: Check the Use physical devices only check box if you want to exclude emulators and simulators for your device selection.
  7. Optional: Check the Hide used or blocked devices check box to only list devices that are currently available for use. This is especially useful if you want to execute a manual test, or if you want to run an execution plan immediately.
  8. Click OK to save your mobile device selection.
During execution, either the selected device or the first matching device of a filter will be used and blocked until the execution plan has finished. If the selected device is not available or a filter does not match any available devices, the execution job stays in the queue until a suitable execution server and mobile device becomes available. Sauce Labs devices are not actually single devices, but rather device types, so they are not blocked during execution.

To change or delete your mobile device selection at a later point in time, use the Edit and Delete buttons, respectively.