Default Enhancement Workflow

The following describes the enhancement workflow.

The Edit, Reassign, Add Comment, and Add Workaround actions have been omitted from this diagram.

  • Edit and Reassign are predefined for each state and cannot be modified. These actions do not change an issue’s state.
  • Add Comment, which is defined for all states in this workflow, does not change an issue’s state.
  • Add Workaround, defined for all states except Unreviewed, does not affect the state.

Default reason codes for the enhancement workflow

To see all the reason codes supplied in the default enhancement workflow, click Issues > Configuration > Workflows. Select ENHANCEMENT as the issue type and view its valid actions and reason codes.


Consider that a request for an enhancement is accepted and sent to Development (Dev-Ready) by either an initial set of reviewers (Unreviewed state) or by a management team (Mgmt-Call state). The management team receives the enhancement request if the initial reviewers take the Maybe action.

If the initial reviewers or management team reject the enhancement request, the issue is closed with a reason state of Rejected. This Reject action is different from a Reject action taken on an issue in the QA-Ready state. In that case, the development action (Implemented, Cannot Do, Already Done, or Mark as Duplicate) is being disputed.