Generating Tests from Requirements

You can generate tests directly out of the Requirements tree and assign tests to specific requirements. The Requirements tree serves as a template for the test folder/test structure of the new Tests tree.

To generate a new test from the Details View:

  1. In the menu, click Requirements > Details View .
  2. Right-click the requirement or project node that you want to convert into a test and select Generate Tests. The Generate Tests from Requirements dialog box appears. This dialog box enables you to specify whether the leaves, which means the lowest-level nodes, of the selected requirements sub-tree should be converted into tests or test folders and whether the tree should be generated into a new test container or an existing container.
  3. Enter a name for the new test container in the Enter Name field and select a product from the Select Product list to create the container within the active Silk Central project. The Select Product list is populated with the products that are configured by a project manager. For detailed information, see Managing Products or ask your project manager.
  4. If you have defined a source control profile, select the source control profile you want to use for managing the test sources from the Select Source Control Profile list. For detailed information on source control profiles, see Source Control Profiles or ask your Silk Central administrator.
  5. To include all child requirements of the selected requirement in the test, check the Include Child Requirements check box. The check box is checked by default.
  6. To have the new tests automatically assigned to the requirements from which they are created, check the Assign newly generated tests to Requirements check box. If this option is not selected, tests must be manually associated with requirements.
    Note: This option is not available when checking Generate test folders from requirement tree leaves.
  7. Click OK to create the test. The new test has the same structure as the Requirements tree.
  8. A message box displays. Click Yes to view the test in the Tests area, or click No to remain in the Requirements area.