Email Server Page

To access this page, log in to Silk Central as System Administrator and click Infrastructure > Email Server. For more information see System Administrator.

Use this page to configure up to three email servers. The page displays the following items:

Item Description
Email address of system administrator Specifies the email address of the Silk Central System Administrator.
'From' address to use for emails Specifies the name that is to appear in the From field when someone receives an email from the system. This can be any email address, for example

Server 1

Server 2

Server 3

Specify the host names or IP addresses of the servers that send your email. For many companies, this server is simply called mail. If your email server uses SMTP authentication (LOGIN PLAIN), you must enter a valid user and password for the email server. Contact your mail server administrator if you do not know the login credentials.
Check Sends a test email to the recipient defined in the field Email address of system administrator.
Save Saves your settings.
Reset Clears all values in the fields.