Configuring Email Servers

To configure up to three email servers:
  1. Log in to Silk Central as System Administrator. For more information see System Administrator.
  2. Click Infrastructure > Email Server.
  3. Enter an email address in the field Email address of system administrator. Silk Central will send the notifications to this address.
  4. Enter an email address in the field 'From' address to use for emails. This address will display as sender in the notifications.
  5. Enter the host name or the IP address of your email servers in the Server fields. You can configure up to three email servers.
  6. If the servers require credentials, enter them in the Username and Password fields.
  7. Click Check to test the connection to the servers. Silk Central sends a test email to the email address you entered in step three.
  8. If an error message displays, or if you do not receive an email, review your email settings. Ensure that the host name of your email server is correct and that the SMTP protocol is running on that computer.
    Note: SMTP with TLS is currently not supported.
  9. If you receive the test email, the test was successful. Click Save.