Copying Caliber-Integrated Projects

To manage Caliber baselines when copying Silk Central projects:

  1. In the menu, click Project:<Project Name> > Project Settings .
  2. Click the Requirements Management tab.
  3. Verify that the baseline you want to save is selected.
    Note: If a baseline is changed, you must perform a synchronization to update the project requirements with the baseline changes, before you can copy an associated Silk Central project. The integration configuration is only copied if you select a baseline other than the current baseline. If you select the current baseline, you need to specify if you want to keep the integration configuration in the original project or move it to the copied project.
  4. If the baseline that you want to save is not selected, click Edit Configuration. The Edit Configuration dialog box displays.
  5. Click Browse next to the Project name field. The Browse Projects dialog box opens.
  6. Select the baseline you want to save, then confirm your selection.
  7. In the menu, click Projects > Project List . The Projects page displays, listing all existing projects and project baselines.
  8. Click Copy Project in the Actions column of the project you want to copy.
    Note: For full details on copying a project, see the Administration topics in this Help.
    The Copy Project dialog box displays.
  9. Select the items you want to copy into the new project, then confirm your selection.
  10. Apply the baseline that you want to continue working with to the Silk Central project.
    Note: After copying a project, the original project and the copy are identical. Define on which you will continue working on by applying the corresponding baseline.