Test File

You can create a test file in Excel to import manual tests and business-process tests into Silk Central. In the test file, you can define all tests and test steps, along with their properties, attributes, and parameters.

To map the tests in your test file to the tests in Silk Central, use an XML mapping file. The mapping file defines the location of the elements in your test file to Silk Central. You can give the items included in the test file any name you like, as long as you map them appropriately in your mapping file. For more information about mapping files, see Editing the Test Mapping File.

Note: When importing or updating tests from or when exporting tests to Excel, Silk Central supports only .xslx files.

Property Mappings

Click Edit Mapping on the Import Tests from Excel File or Update Tests from Excel File dialog to map the tests in your Excel file to Silk Central as follows:
  • Header Row: Specify the row in your Excel file which contains the column names to be used for mapping the properties.
  • First Data Row: Specify the row that contains the first test. This row and all rows below are interpreted as tests.
  • Separator Characters: Specify the characters that should be interpreted as separators within property values. This is used for multi-list properties.
  • Name, Description: Specify the column names in the header row that are mapped to test name and description, respectively.
  • Planned Time: The expected amount of time for this manual test to execute.
  • Step properties: The name, action description, and expected result of the test step.
  • Assigned Requirement IDs: If requirements should be assigned to the test, specify the ID's of those requirements as comma-separated list. Make sure that this column is formatted as "Text" in Excel, otherwise the assignment may not work.
  • Business Component: Only available for business process tests. If a business component is referenced by the test then the library is checked if a business component with this name exists in the library. If no such business component exists, a new business component with this name and steps is created in the library.
  • Assigned Testers: Only available for business process tests. Specify the testers that should execute the test.
  • Behavior on Failure: Only available for business process tests. Specify whether the test should stop or continue when a business component fails during execution.