Report Parameters Page

Reports > Details View > Parameters

The Parameters page lists customizable statement elements. Parameters can be defined any time before a report execution by simply changing them on the Parameters page. The syntax of a parameter is: ${parametername|defaultvalue|guiname}. The defaultvalue and the guiname are optional. Parameter-names cannot contain whitespace characters.

When a report has parameters associated with it, it is possible to edit the values of the parameters before each report execution. Parameter values are stored in the current user context, which means edited values are available only to the user who performs the edits. When parameter values are not specified for a given report execution, the default values from the report definition are used.

When a report has subreports assigned to it, the parameters of those subreports are also shown in the Parameters page and the values are stored only within the context of the selected report. For example, the values are only used in conjunction with the current subreport configuration. When creating new reports, parameters are the values that are defined on the Create New Report dialog box in the Selection criteria area.