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When passing parameters from a Silk Central test to a Silk Test Workbench test, these parameters must be defined as input parameters in the Silk Test Workbench script and they must have the same name in Silk Central as in the script. The following data types should be used:

Silk Central Silk Test Workbench
String Text
Number Number (Long)
Number Number (Long Long)
Number Enumeration
Float Number (Double)
Boolean Boolean (True/False)

Predefined parameter names in Silk Central start with a hash while Silk Test Workbench does not allow parameter names starting with a hash. To pass a predefined parameter from Silk Central to a Silk Test Workbench test, you have to create an additional parameter without the hash in the name in Silk Central and map the predefined parameter to the new parameter.

For example, to pass the predefined parameter #sctm_test_results_dir to a Silk Test Workbench script, you have to apply the following workaround:
  1. Specify an input parameter in the Silk Test Workbench script with the name resultsdir.
  2. Specify a parameter in Silk Central with the name resultsdir and the value ${#sctm_test_results_dir}.

Silk Central will then replace the placeholder with the actual directory and pass it to the Silk Test Workbench script.