Viewing Execution Activities for Data-Driven Tests

To view execution activities for data-driven tests:

  1. In the menu, click Execution Planning > Details View.
  2. Select an execution plan that is based on a data-driven test.
  3. In the menu, click Tracking > Activities.
  4. Click the Run ID of the relevant execution plan.
  5. In the Assigned Tests table, click the Run ID of a data-driven test.
    Note: If you are running a multiple data-driven test, you will see one test for each data row in your data source.
    The results page for that particular test opens.
  6. Click the Data Driven tab. Here you can view all instances of the test that were executed.
    Note: The test’s data-driven properties are listed on the Details page in the Data-driven Properties table.
  7. Click an instance name to view test run details for that specific instance.
    Note: If you are working with multiple data-driven test instances, a separate instance will be created for each data row in your data source.
  8. Click the Parameters tab to view the data source values that were used during this specific test run.