Available Web Services

The following table lists the available Silk Central web services. For information on accessing Silk Central through HTTP-based interfaces, see Services Exchange. For information on the REST API-based web services that enable you to schedule and execute execution plan runs on external execution environments, refer to the interactive REST API documentation that is available from host:port[/inst]/Services1.0/swagger-ui.html, for example http://localhost:19120/Services1.0/swagger-ui.html.

Note: The WSDL URL also lists system-internal web services that are not intended for creating web services clients. This document describes only the published web services.

Refer to the Javadoc for full details regarding available Java classes and methods. If the link does not work, click Help > Documentation > Silk Central API Specification in the Silk Central menu to open the Javadoc.

Note: When you work with Web Services, all times returned by the system are in the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC). Use the UTC too in all time references in the Web Services you work with.
WS Name (Interface) WSDL URL Description
system (SystemService) /Services1.0/jaxws/system?wsdl This is the root service that provides authentication and simple utility methods.
administration (AdministrationService) /Services1.0/jaxws/administration?wsdl This service provides access to the Project and Product entities of Silk Central.
requirements (RequirementsService) /Services1.0/jaxws/requirements?wsdl This service provides access to the Requirements area of Silk Central.
tests (TestsService) /Services1.0/jaxws/tests?wsdl This service provides access to the Tests area of Silk Central.
executionplanning (ExecutionPlanningService) /Services1.0/jaxws/executionplanning?wsdl This service provides access to the Execution Planning area of Silk Central.
filter (FilterService) /Services1.0/jaxws/filter?wsdl This service allows you to create, read, update, and delete filters.
issuemanager (IssueManagerService) /Services1.0/jaxws/issuemanager?wsdl This service provides access to Issue Manager.