Report Templates Page

Administration > Report Templates

Use the Report Templates page to manage the report templates which you want to make available to Silk Central for reporting. Report templates are globally available to all reports across all projects.

Click Upload to upload a new report template from your hard disk or a UNC to Silk Central.

For each listed report, the page displays the following columns:

Column Description
Title The name of the report template as it displays in the application's GUI.
File Name The physical file name of the report template.
Uploaded On Date when the report template was uploaded to Silk Central.
Uploaded By The user who uploaded the report template to Silk Central.
Module The Silk Central application which may access the reporting template. If a template is assigned to no module, then any application can use it.
Actions This column contains action icons which allow the user to perform the following actions on a report template:
Replaces the currently uploaded template with a new one.
Downloads the template to your local computer.
Deletes the template permanently.