Running DPAnalysis.exe from the Command Line

The DevPartner Studio Code Coverage installation includes DPAnalysis.exe, a command line executable that is installed in the \Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\DevPartner\Analysis\ directory.

Use the following syntax and switches to run the DevPartner Studio Code Coverage tool from the command line:

DPAnalysis  [/Cov] [/USE_AUTOMATION_INTERFACE] [/E|/D|/R] 
[/W workingdirectory] [/PROJ_DIR] [/H hostmachine] 
[/NOWAIT] [/NO_UI_MSG] [/N] [/F] [/A C:\temp1;C:\temp2] 
{/P|/S} target [target arguments]

For detailed information on the available switches and about how to use a DPAnalysis configuration file, refer to the DevPartner documentation.

Note: DPAnalysis.exe does not instrument unmanaged code. To collect performance or coverage analysis data for an unmanaged application, you must first instrument the application.


You can use DPAnalysis.exe directly from the command line, using switches to direct the analysis session. For example, the following command line launches a code coverage session for the application SCTMCodeAnalysisTestApp.exe.

dpanalysis.exe /cov /USE_AUTOMATION_INTERFACE /W "D:\SCTM\DPSCoverageIntegration\Test App\
SCTMCodeAnalysisTestApp\SCTMCodeAnalysisTestApp\bin\Debug" /P 
"D:\SCTM\DPSCoverageIntegration\Test App\SCTMCodeAnalysisTestApp\SCTMCodeAnalysisTestApp\bin