Adding Links to Containers

In the Tests tree, you can add a link to a test container in the same project. Linked test containers are displayed in read-only mode at the position in the tree where the link is inserted.

To add a link to a test container:

  1. In the menu, click Tests > Details View .
  2. Right-click the node in the Tests tree under which you want the linked test container to display.
  3. Choose New Link if you want to link the test container at the hierarchy level of the selected node, or choose New Child Link to link the test container one level below the selected node. The Select Test Container For Linking dialog box displays.
  4. Select the test container that you want to reference.
    Note: If the referenced test container and the container in which you add the link use different source-control profiles, a confirmation dialog box displays, asking you if you really want to create the link. Linking inside a test container to another test container with a different source-control profile can lead to problems when you download or execute a test within the linked container. Click No if you want to change the custom include directory of one of the containers first, or click Yes to create the link anyway.
  5. Click OK to confirm your selection.
The linked container is placed within the selected container as a read-only entity. Any changes to the original test container will be reflected in the linked container.