Displaying Charts

To display a chart:

  1. In the menu, click Reports > Details View.
  2. Select a report in the Reports tree.
  3. Click the Chart tab to display the default chart.
  4. To select a different chart type, click Select Chart Type. The Select Chart Type dialog appears.
  5. Select a chart type from the Chart type list.
  6. Check the view properties that you want to apply to the chart:
    • 3D view
    • Show horizontal grid lines
    • Show vertical grid lines
    • Show legend
  7. Specify how these chart options are to be saved:
    • Click the For current user only option to have these chart settings override the report’s standard settings whenever the current user views this chart.
    • Click the As report standard option to have these chart settings presented to all users who do not have overriding user settings defined. This setting does not effect individual user settings.
  8. Click OK to display the new chart type.
    Note: The chart configurations you define here become the default for this report. When standard charts and graphs are not able to deliver the specific data that you require, or when they cannot display data in a required format, you can customize the appearance of queried data using the Silk Central reporting functionality. To open the current chart in a separate browser window, click Open in new Window at the top of the Chart page.