Editing Report Properties

To edit the properties of a report:

  1. In the menu, click Reports > Details View.
  2. Select a report in the Reports tree.
  3. Click the Properties tab.
  4. Click Edit. The Edit Report dialog box appears.
  5. Modify the Name, the Description and the Timeout [s] of the report as required.
  6. Check the Share this report with other users check box if you want to make this report available to other users.
  7. From the Default tab list, select the tab that you want to be directed to when you select this report from one of the context-sensitive report lists.
  8. You can edit the report in two ways:
    • Create a simple report: Use the Selection criteria, Property, Operator, and Value lists to generate SQL queries. Click More to add further query strings and choose the operators AND or OR to combine the queries. Click to delete a query string.
    • Create an advanced report: If you are familiar with SQL, you may want to edit the query code. Click Advanced Query and modify the query code within the Report data query field. The Insert placeholder list assists you in editing the SQL queries with predefined function placeholders. Click Simple to go back to the simple mode.
    Note: If you manually edit the SQL code for the query, upon finishing, click Check SQL to confirm your work.
  9. Click Finish to save your changes.