Modifying Your License Server Configuration

Use the Select Silk Meter License Server utility to modify or repair your license server configuration. This utility is installed with your Silk Central installation.

  1. Choose Start > Programs > Silk > Silk Central 20.0 > Administration Tools > Change your License Server Configuration . The Select Silk Meter License Server utility opens.
  2. In the Application list box, select the product for which you want to configure the license server.
  3. Click the Using local or remote server option button to configure a Silk Meter license server.
  4. In the License Server Host field, type the computer name of the Silk Meter license server. Unless your network administrator has defined a different port, do not change the Port Number.
  5. Click Apply to activate the license server configuration.
  6. Click Test Connection to verify that a Silk Meter server is accessible on the specified host and port. If the connection is successful, the Status field displays a SUCCESS message.
    Note: In some cases, specifying the simple name of the license server in the License server host field, such as licenseserver, might not work. A message box stating Connection to Silk Meter license server failed opens. To resolve this issue, specify the hostname by using a fully qualified name, such as
  7. Click Close to complete the license server configuration.