Updating Requirements from a Word File

Silk Central enables you to update requirements that were imported from Microsoft Word. You can change the requirements in the Word document and then update them in the Requirements area. You can also change the mapping file to change the mapping of the requirements in the Requirements area.
Note: You can only update a requirement for which a unique external ID is defined in the Word file that has previously been imported. Silk Central requires this ID to identify which requirement needs to be updated.
  1. In the menu, click Requirements > Details View .
  2. Right-click the parent node of the previously imported requirements (for example Imported from file 'RequirementExample.docx') and choose Update from Word.... The Update Requirements from Word File dialog box opens.
  3. Select the mapping file from the Choose Mapping File list box. The default mapping file is RequirementsPropertiesDefaultMapping.xml.
  4. Optional: Click to edit the mapping file. Click to delete the mapping file. For more information, see Word Requirements File.
    Note: These actions require the permissions Modify Office import mapping files/Delete Office import mapping files, respectively.
  5. Either type the fully qualified path of the requirements file into the Requirements File field or click Browse to search for the requirements file.
  6. Click OK. A message informs you if the update was successful. Click OK to close the message.