Deleting Custom Attributes

To delete a custom attribute:

  1. In the menu, click Project:<Project Name> > Project Settings .
  2. Click the Attributes tab to view the list of current attributes.
  3. Before you can delete an attribute, you must first deactivate it. In the Status column, click the Active link or icon and then click Yes on the confirmation dialog box to deactivate the attribute.
  4. Once the attribute is inactive, click Delete Attribute to remove it. A confirmation dialog box displays, asking you to confirm the deletion.
  5. Click Yes to remove the selected attribute; or click No to abort the operation. If you click Yes you will be returned to the Attributes page, where the removed attribute is no longer displayed.
  6. If an error displays, ensure that the selected attribute is not applied to any tests or execution plans, or used in any global filters. You can only delete unused attributes.