User Roles

The following user roles are predefined in Silk Central:
  • SuperUser
  • Administrator
  • Project Manager
  • Test Manager
  • Tester
  • Analyst
  • Reporter
  • Role Assignment Manager

These roles cannot be modified or deleted. They can however be copied and thereby used as the basis for customized roles.


The SuperUser role is a special role that is granted all privileges across Silk Central.


Administrator tasks include the configuring of application-, Web-, and chart-server locations; setting up and maintaining repositories and notification settings; creating accounts; configuring locations and execution servers, and others.

Administrators are granted all privileges across Silk Central and Issue Manager.

Project Manager

Project Managers maintain the projects for which they are responsible. Project Managers do not have write access to the Silk Central Administration unit. Project Managers can only access the projects to which they have been assigned as Project Managers, where they have full write access to all project-related features. Project Managers also have all Issue Manager permissions for projects that are assigned to them.

Test Manager

Test Manager responsibilities include the planning and execution of tests, including the deletion of tests. Test Managers also have full access to libraries and full read access to the Requirements area in Silk Central.


The Tester role relates to Silk Central privileges. The Tester’s tasks include the planning and execution of tests—though Testers cannot delete tests. Testers also have full read access to the Requirements area, and can view, create, and edit all objects in libraries.


Analysts analyze the results of projects that have been assigned to them. They cannot modify project settings or schedules and have read-only privileges.


In addition to having all the rights of Analysts, Reporters additionally have the right to edit and delete reports in Advanced mode. Advanced mode allows reporters to enter, modify, and delete SQL statements for advanced reports. For details on advanced reports, refer to the Silk Central Help.

Role Assignment Manager

Role Assignment Managers have the sole permission to assign/unassign roles to/from existing users of a group, and only roles that they themselves are assigned to. They cannot add or remove members from a group, and they can only change role assignments within groups in which they themselves are defined as Role Assignment Manager.